When: 20th of Feb, 7:30pm.
Where: 2pocket Fairtrade Café. 277 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne.

As part of Digital Writers Festival 2015, BETANARRATIVES is launching as well as the first piece to be published on our website, SKIN DEEP!

SKIN DEEP is a non-fiction investigation into how tattoos— permanent marks in an age of impermanence — can represent the desire to control the uncontrollable.

In honour of SKIN DEEP, it's writer, Brendan McDougall is getting a tattoo of his own, based on a literary quote and bizarrely, he wants your help in choosing it! Use the hashtag #tweetoo to suggest a design based on a famous literary quote to forever immortalise on the world’s most sacred and permanent textual space: the human body.

Come along on the night as we unveil both this first piece and Brendan's tattooing live at 8pm sharp. OR tune in via the Digital Writers Festival livestream of our event (also at 8pm). Find our event on the DWF page here. And RSVP to the Facebook event here.